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    Adfectu- flag

    Adfectual, adfectu-, adfijicio- or adfejicio- is an attractional orientation where attraction present depends on one’s state of mind. It also describes one whose sex repulsion fluctuates. This can apply to any orientation or all forms of orientation. It is an exclusive term to those who are neurodivergent or trauma survivors. Adfectuals commonly experience:

    • Super important intersections
    • Contextual attraction
    • Mind-state-related attraction
    • The concept that sexual (or alternatively, romantic, alterous or qp) attraction can be shut off, walled off, based on context - not entirely consciously. (Such as being able to flip a switch on and off sometimes or flipping a switch and not being able to reverse it).


    Adfectual was coined by deactivated Tumblr user genderfluidstrider (now adhdbeowulf) on an unknown date sometime before July 2014.[1]


    Adfectual comes from the Latin word "Adfectus" meaning "condition or state of body and mind".


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