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    Abromotus/motusabro flag
    Abromotus/motusabro flag without symbol

    Abromotus, also known as motusabro, is a neurosexuality influenced by emotional impermanence. Abromotus defines someone whose abrosexuality can only be understood in the context of having emotional impermanence, when one's emotional impermanence greatly affects one's abrosexuality. Abromotus is not emotional impermanence as a orientation, but rather an identity that is so heavily influenced by emotional impermanence that one's emotional impermanence and one's abrosexuality cannot be unlinked. Not all individuals with emotional impermanence identify with abromotus, only those whose orientation is influenced by their emotional impermanence.

    Abromotus can be used as a sole identity or can be used with any type of attraction (sensual, romantic, platonic, etc).

    Emotional impermanence is defined by having an inability or having a hard time remembering what you feel for someone that is not there, forgetting why you like someone when you’re not interacting with them, forgetting what people feel for you when they’re not saying it, having trouble remembering your own emotions, having difficulty recalling or recreating any given emotion without the stimuli behind that emotion being present. Emotional impermanence is common among neurodivergent people and mentally ill individuals.

    This term is exclusive to those who have emotional impermanence.


    This term was coined by themogaidragon on Tumblr on May 10, 2021.[1]


    The flag was created by the same user on the same date. It is the abrosexual pride flag with an infinity symbol added on it and a rainbow instead of the middle stripe (which is white on the abro flag). The rainbow comes from the emotional impermanence pride flag[2] designed by themogaidragon on Tumblr on April 29, 2021. The infinity symbol is inspired from the neurodiversity/autism infinity rainbow symbol.


    "Motus" is Latin for "emotional".


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