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    The yonderine flag
    An alternative yonderine flag
    5-stripe yonderine flag

    Yonderine is an umbrella term referring to qualities that transcend the concept of gender, being neither masculine, feminine, androgynous, epicene, neutral, agender, aporine, outherine, xenine or any other such quality of gender that exists or will ever come to exist. A sense of self that exists beyond the binary, non-binary, anonbinary, and the concept of gender itself.

    The noun form of the term is yonderinity. One who is yonderine would be called a yond. If one is a yond, it means that one exists beyond the concept of gender. Yonderine individuals may have non-gendered connections and attachments to a particular gender or genders.

    If a “gender” is yonderine, it could be referred to as a yingender (yondering-in-nature).


    From English, “Yonder”, meaning “at some distance in a direction indicated” and the Greek/Latin suffix “-ine”, meaning “of or pertaining to”.


    The term and it's flag were both coined and designed at the same time on Oct 14th, 2020 by Gent of Gender-Resource on tumblr.[1] The alternative flag was made by FANDOM user honk4bees to match the other 13 stripe gender quality flags using the original colors.


    The flag consists of seven solid-colored, horizontal stripes of the same size. From top to bottom the colors have the following meanings:

    • The brown stripe represents existence.
    • The olive green stripe represents lack of participation in gender.
    • The gold stripe represents the self.
    • The white stripe represents what lies beyond the concept of gender.
    • The silver stripe represents self-knowledge.
    • The lavender stripes represents rejection of gender as a construct.
    • The dark magenta stripe represents transcendence of gender.


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