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    The xenogenital flag.
    An alternate xenogenital flag.

    Xenogenital is a form of altersex referring to individuals who wish to have nonhuman sex characteristics and/or genitalia, or individuals who prefer to conceptualize or imagine their sex characteristics and/or genitalia as alien or otherwise nonhuman. This can be any form of sex characteristics that are not normally found in humans. Imagining oneself with alien sex characteristics may reduce disconnect, dysphoria, or cause euphoria for the individual.

    The term is commonly used by xenic and otherkin individuals, but anyone can use it, as not all xenic and otherkin people are xenogenital and not all xenogenital people are xenic or otherkin. This term could also be useful for non-human alters within systems.

    Another xenogenital flag.
    The xenophallus flag.
    The xenoyoni flag.

    Systems who identify with this may also call themself aivotsex. One who identifies as this may also fit the diffxeno label as well.


    This term is very vast in nature, and holds many possibilities for how one may visualize or desire their genitals, however some specific subsets exist and are listed below.

    • Astrogenital: someone who desires space-related genitals.
    • Cyberex: someone who desires a sex that is digital.
    • Faunagenital: someone who desires animal-related genitals.
    • Floragenital: someone who desires plant-related genitals.
    • Machinex: someone who desires a sex that is robotic, mechanical, and made of mechanical/robot pieces.
    • Morphisex: someone who desires sex traits that are able to morph, change, and/or retract.
    • Mythicgenital: Someone who desires mythical or fantastic genitals.
    • Xenophallus: Someone who desires a xenic penis.
    • Xenoyoni: Someone who desires a xenic vagina.


    The xenogenital flag was designed by Tumblr user fathermartinarchimbaud on or before January 21, 2018. It has no confirmed meaning.[1]

    The alternate flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on October 22, 2020. It uses colors based on the xenogender flag.

    Another xenogenital flag was created by Tumblr user satyrradio on June 11th, 2024. It combines the original xenogenital flag with the colors of the xenogender flag and the altersex symbol.[2]

    The terms xenophallus and xenoyoni were also coined by Tumblr user satyrradio on July 2nd, 2024.[3]


    The prefix xeno- means 'other' or 'different in origin.'


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