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    The faunagenital flag.

    Faunagenital or Animagenital is a form of altersex referring to individuals who wish to have sex characteristics and/or genitalia that are like that of nonhuman terrestrial animal, or individuals who prefer to conceptualize or imagine their sex characteristics and/or genitalia as animalistic.[1] It is a subcategory of xenogenital. Imagining oneself with animalistic sex characteristics may reduce dysphoria/dysmorphia or cause euphoria for the individual.

    The term is commonly used by xenic and alterhuman individuals, but anyone can use it. Not all xenic and alterhuman people are faunagenital and not all faunagenital people are xenic or otherkin. Some who are faunagenital may also be non-human headmates in systems, and because of this they feel genital dysphoria and/or dysmorphia because their outward body doesn't match their inward body.

    Faunasex may be used if it relates to their sex as a whole, rather than just their genitals.

    Systems who identify with this may also call themself aivotsex. One who identifies as this may or may not also fit the diffauna label.

    Faunagenital people vs zoophillic people

    Faunagenital individuals are often misinterpereted as zoophiles, however, this is not usually (and should not be) the case. Faunagenital individuals aren't usually attracted to animalistic genitals, just as a transgender man doesn't have to be attracted to penises in order to desire one.

    Despite this, however, there are some individuals who are attracted to faunagenitals, just not on animals, but rather on people. This is not exactly an issue, as the attraction to people with faunagenitals can be consensual, while the attraction to a biological non-human (not counting alterhumans and system members) cannot be consented.

    The reason faunagenital people desire animalistic sex traits is not for sexual purposes, but rather comes at a point of identity relating to animalistic species. Here are a few examples.

    • Therian or otherkin individuals that may want to modify their body to further match their identity.
    • Faunagender individuals who feel as though their sex does not fit their percieved gender.
    • Non-human headmates within systems who desire a body that matches their inward body (they may also identify as aivotsex.)

    One with this altersex identity is not and should not be attracted to animals genitals, but rather just desire them to reduce discomfort or disconnect. The use of this term by zoophiles/zoophillic intent is not, in any way, supported by other faunagenital individuals.


    The term appears to have been coined on August 16th of 2018 by Tumblr user uncommongenders.


    The flag appears to have been coined on August 16th of 2018 by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags. It has no confirmed meaning.


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