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    The veldian queerplatonic flag

    Veldian Queerplatonic, also known as Gay Queerplatonic or Vincian Queerplatonic, can be used by anyone who labels the queerplatonic attraction they experience as being gay or veldian/turian attraction. A person who labels their queerplatonic attraction as gay or veldian/turian may or may not be gay in other forms of attraction they feel.


    The veldian/vincian queerplatonic flag was posted to by Tumblr user plutos-flags on October 22, 2022.[1] The yellow and black stripes reference the queerplatonic flag, with the yellow representing tertiary attraction and the black representing a-spec communities. Light blueberry represents romance-like aspects of queerplatonic relationships: physical affection, dates, and other romance-related gestures. Lavender/lilac represents sensual and sexual aspects. Grape represents deep emotional aspects: connection with one's partner(s), love/care/support of one another and knowing of said things, and deep trust.