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    A flag with seven horizontal stripes, colored (top to bottom) in black, dark red, red, orange, pale/desaturated yellow, desaturaded pink, and desaturated purple. It has a symbol consisting of a stylized closed eye, encircled, and colored gold. There are several filters applied to it, notably a subtle gradient overlay, resulting in a slightly blurred appearance. It also includes a darkened, shadowy center behind the eye symbol.
    The first valeogender flag.
    A flag with seven horizontal stripes, closely resembling the previously pictured flag. It does not have as complex a design; its colors are no longer gradients, and are instead blocks of single colors.
    The second valeogender flag. Simplified from the first flag, it is intended for easier reproduction, such as in artwork.

    Valeogender is a kenochoric obscurian gender whose true nature grows and develops over time. It doesn’t change entirely, like a fluid gender would; rather, it matures, similarly to how an infant would grow into an adult.

    This gender is considered to be obscurian since cannot be fully explained or understood. The gender's continuously developing nature eventually renders any description inadequate; a description that once fit the gender may no longer fit later on as the gender is given more time to mature.

    This gender is neither inherently masculine nor feminine. Depending on each user, the gender may be considered a nonbinary gender or xenogender, but ultimately, this gender is unique to each individual who uses it, and such labels will not apply to everyone that identifies with this gender. One should attribute the appropriate label themself depending on who they are.

    This gender is not characterized by an absence of gender. Rather, it has a very strong sense of an outside-the-binary gender, making it similar to maverique.

    Flag and Etymology

    The name comes from the Latin expression valeo, which relates to strength, success, health, and worth, which was also used as a parting phrase/farewell. The coiner chose this name because it "highlights, accepts, and appreciates [the gender's] changing nature".[1]

    The flag colors have no metaphorical meaning. The coiner stated in the coining post that xey designed the flag based on what colors xey personally associate with xer interpretation of the gender. The symbol in the center of the flag is an edited version of the obscurian symbol.


    Valeogender was coined by (now deactivated) Tumblr user venitvesperum on the 3rd of December, 2022.[1][2] The flags were included in the original coining post.


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