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    User:Peanut Butter Fruit Potato

    Current status

    Note: Please do not edit this section unless you are asked

    I am currently at "Following" status.

    Status definitions

    • Active - I may not be active right this second, but I will be within at most 24 hours...
    • Following - I am routinely logging in and following the wiki's activity, but may not be posting that often.
    • Hiatus - I am not currently active on this wiki, but it is not formal.
    • Away - Due to external factors, I will not be able to access either account for some time. I hope to be back soon :)
    • Blocked - I cannot come on this wiki due to administrative action taken against me. Note: If I ever get blocked, can someone please change my status to this?

    If you ever need to speak with me when I am at "Hiatus" or lower, my second account is EnbyNerd - she they. Just tag that account or write in its message wall.

    About me

    Note: Please do not edit this section.

    My pronouns: She/her and they/them

    My gender: Bigender (paragirl, themis-nixvir)

    My sexuality: Androsexual, burstsexual, dysphorsexual, aegosexual, probably others...

    My romantic orientation: Panromantic, prosparomantic, meneromantic, inactromantic, probably others...

    Other orientations: Monoamorous, omniaesthetic, demisensual, unsure of others…

    Non-LGBTQIA+ labels: I am a singlet and non-kin

    My race and nationality: White Australian

    Myers-Briggs personality type: INFJ

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

    Knights Radiant Order (Stormlight Archive): Truthwatcher

    Relationship status: I have a crush (this may be out of date by the time you read this), but am otherwise single.

    Hobbies: Civilization VI or Minecraft (changes every now and then); reading (my favourite author is Brandon Sanderson); learning about maths, science, history, languages, geography (sometimes), etc. and going down Wikipedia rabbit-holes about any of the above subjects.

    I am on other Fandoms - not this one - under my second account (see above)

    Feel free to ask questions on my message board or comment below :)

    My purpose on this wiki

    Note: Please do not edit this section.

    My main purpose is mostly to help myself and others to Question. If you ever need help with a term, feel free to tag me in a post or add it to my message wall and I will see it as soon as I get on (which may be several weeks) and try to help as best as I can. Obviously I do other things on here, but that is the excuse I use.

    Feel free to graffiti/sign here

    Note: You can add to this entire section, but please only modify/delete your own unless you see something inappropriate or offensive.

    I am bored and lonely - Peanut Butter Fruit Potato, 24/4/21

    This is the best username ever-Ace aka @Frickthecistem

    Hola caracola, how is it going? -The gaymer dog

    GRAFTTI - deerlinggg

    Hello, I was here! - Zhaorin

    hello! - lexie

    Frick now i want a peanut butter fruit potato -Koudvuur A.K.A Arson

    Now all shall know that I was once here - FoxBanana

    *Graffiti graffiti* - Deerlinggg (again)

    I love your user!! /g - Astridsplayhouse

    Comment here if you are my friend

    Note: You can only add to the dot point list in the format provided. Please do not edit anything else in this section or remove people from the list.

    I am not going to initiate friendships on here for multiple reasons:

    1. I don't want to force friendship on anyone who doesn't wish to reciprocate
    2. I'm not on here all that often
    3. I'm not good at friendships anyway
    4. Probably other reasons I've forgotten

    So if you consider me to be your friend, comment below in the format provided and I will consider you to be my friend.

    Note: Please don't just comment because you feel sorry or anything. I have survived long enough without any formal friends on here. This is just if you consider yourself to be my friend already.

    Format: Username (name, pronouns) e.g. Peanut Butter Fruit Potato (Aura, she/they)

    Also, if you're a system, please separate the different headmates with semicolons (;) and put an asterisk (*) after the brackets if that isn't every one so I know you aren't all my friends.

    • LexieLove542 (Lexie/Charlie, they/he/she)
    • Deerlinggg (Vinyl/Em, ask for pronouns)
    • Stxryy (Star, they/them)

    DNI lists

    Note: Please only add to the third list. Please do not edit anything else in this section or remove people from the list.

    What DNI means

    DNI means "Do Not Interact". The implications of this may not be clear, so I will outline below what it means for me below:

    • If I make a post, please don't respond
    • Please don't write on my message wall
    • Please do not tag me in anything
    • If I am actively participating in a discussion, please refrain from joining
    • Just generally try to avoid interaction
    • Please be civil about it

    If you fit any of these, please don't speak to me

    • Homophobic
    • Transphobic
    • Gatekeeper/Exclusionist
    • Ableist
    • Racist
    • Misogynistic
    • Anti-kin
    • Any other legitimate form of discriminatory I have not listed above
    • Anyone who thinks that any of the above are the result of hypersensitivity or don't exist at all
    • Anyone who thinks “cancelling” things that are discriminatory is unnecessary
    • Anyone else who is going to pick on people (especially me)

    Specific people who I don't want to interact with

    • SomeDudeStoleMyToast

    Comment below if you don't want me to interact with you

    • Your username here
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