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    The UTAUloidgender pride flag
    The UTAUloidgender pride flag (without the symbol)
    The VOCALOIDgender and UTAUloidgender symbol

    UTAUloidgender, also known as UTAUgender, is an umbrella term for genders related to UTAUloids in some way. This gender can also be synonymous with Utaugender.

    This may refer to a gender which changes when listening to music featuring UTAUloids, a gender which feels validated by UTAUloids, or something similar. This gender may also be aligned with the genders of various UTAUloids. For example, a Tetogender individual may be chimeragender, ambiguous, feminine-aligned, or woman-aligned, based on Kasane Teto's canon gender. It may also be used by individuals who feel that UTAUloids are the embodiment of one's gender, or who experience gender envy from UTAUloids. It may also be a kingender for individuals who are kin with UTAUloids.

    These are simply a few possible explanations of the identity; any gender related to UTAUloids can be considered an UTAUloidgender.


    UTAUloidgender was first coined on May 3, 2022, by a user who wishes to remain anonymous.


    The UTAUloidgender flag was created on May 3, 2022 by the same user who coined the term. Each stripe represents various UTAUloids, who are often considered to be the "main six" UTAUloids:

    • Red: Namine Ritsu
    • Pink: Kasane Teto
    • Light Pink: Momone Momo
    • White/light grey: Sukone Tei
    • Purple: Utane Uta
    • Blue: Yokune Ruko

    There is a version of the flag with the VOCALOIDgender/UTAUloidgender symbol, as well as one without it. The symbol was created by the same anonymous user on May 2, 2022. It can be applied to any VOCALOIDgender or UTAUloidgender.

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