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    The gender trinary flag[1]

    Ternary or trinary genders are three primary pre-existing gender identities accessible within ones own culture. This gender arity usually includes binary genders and a tertiary gender. This tertiary identity can be a third gender or other abinary identity, such as neutrois/neither (or none), or liaspec centrigender, such as androgyne/both, generally monogender, not necessarily allogender.[2]

    Gender trinarism is often considered a form of exorsexist discrimination towards non-trinary and atrinary individuals, reinforcing an extension of gender binarism. It could be either in ways of language or identity.

    It may also affect non-binary/binaryn't and gender/pronoun non-conforming individuals, such as enforcing trinary expectations of men using he/him pronouns and having masculine presentation, women using she/her pronouns and being feminine, or non-binary individuals using they/them and looking androgynous or neutral.

    Gender trinary may also be known as gender trichotomy, gender trifecta, or gender triform.


    A gender trinary diagram by Chaoticcylinder.

    The first mention of gender trinary is recorded since 2011 in the book named The Lives of Transgender People.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9] It was then conditionally used interchangeably with gender quaternary, as both and neither can be two tertiary identities.[10][11]

    In June 2018, Tumblr user exorsexistbullshit defines gender trinarism as the idea that all non-binary people are just a separate gender from women and men.[12][13] The term is later used in some academic articles.[14][15]


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