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    The Creep System flag.
    An alternate Creep System/creepsgender flag.
    The creepsfluid flag.
    The creepflux flag.
    The demicreep flag.
    The pancreepic flag.

    The Creep System is a Gender System focused around creepy, strange and weird genders. It is a collection of xenogenders, aesthetigenders, fictigenders, kingenders, and musicagenders.

    Genders in the Creep System

    • Fallengender - a kingender relating to eye imagery, feathers, and the gold/black color combo.
    • Ghoztgender - a kingender for ghostkin who feel particularly undead.
    • Gravityfallsgender - a fictigender relating to Gravity Falls.
    • Habitician - a fictigender with strong dental themes.
    • Halloweenic - an aesthetigender relating to Halloween.
    • HJ7-ic - a fictigender covering everything Jekyll and Hyde related.
    • Itgender - a gender based on it/its pronouns, being nonhuman, and euphoria.
    • Monstrosigender - a kingender described as being monstrous or cryptid-like.
    • Mourngender - a sad, empty, and lonely gender affecting how one perceives themself.
    • Pepgender - a xenogender based on the personification of rain in horror media.
    • Spiritphonic - a musicagender based on the Spirit Phone album by Lemon Demon.
    • Waltenfilesgender - a fictigender relating to The Walten Files by Martin Walls.
    • Warpedgender - a nonhuman neurogender exclusive to autistic individuals.

    Demi, Fluid, and Flux Identities

    Creepsfluid - fluid between multiple/all Creep System genders.

    Creepflux - fluctuates between multiple/all Creep System genders.

    Demicreeps - partially identifying as one or more genders from the Creep System, and/or another gender.

    Alternatively, one may identify with all of these genders, outside of being demi, fluid, or flux. One could be considered Creepygender or Pancreepic. One may also be both fluid and flux (fluix) between Creep System genders.


    The Creep System was coined by FANDOM user Literallynotgod on August 24, 2021, so it could compile any/all of the creepy, strange, and weird genders it experiences in a single place, and for others to identify with as well. The term was coined through this page and has no outside sources.


    The Creep System flag was created by an unknown user on an unknown date.

    The alternate Creep System/creepgender flag was created by Tumblr user killingwithkazoos on December 30, 2021.[1] The creepsfluid, creepflux, and pancreepic flags were made by the same user on the same day. The demicreep flag was created by the same user on December 12, 2021.[2]


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