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    The tenerbrigender flag.

    Tenerbrigender is a term for one who feels like their gender is like a room with the lights out. They know that the gender is there but they can't see what it is. Those who identify with tenerbrigender may feel as though all the features of their gender are there, and what makes up about it but its all darkened out, the individual can feel it but cannot make out the "shape" of the gender itself due to them having the inability to pin point it.

    Tenerbrigender may classify as a form of genderlessness or gendervoid but differ due to them knowing its there but its difficult to find it, unlike gendervoid which is when one feels emptiness where a gender should be.

    A considered similarity is invisigender, which is a gender that is there but is invisible, unlike feeling parts of a gender but cannot pinpoint a specification of it.


    The tenerbrigenderflux flag.

    Tenerbrigenderflux is the genderflux version of tenerbrigender, where one's gender fluctuates between unknown and clear genders. For example, one day someone could know exactly what their gender is, and only have a vague idea the next day. Their gender is always there but it is always not always distinguishable.


    This term was created by Fandom user Calamity Call to describe Fandom user Clear.Skyes's experiences (who then later found out about their identity and no longer uses this label) . It was coined on January 11, 2021. The term tenerbrigenderflux was created by Fandom user Kirbirb on the same day.

    The prefix tenerbri- comes from the Latin word for dark, tenerbris.


    The dark colors represent a room with the lights being out, and the black circle in the middle represents the unknown gender.

    The shades in the circle on the tenerbrigenderflux flag represent the varying levels of clarity.

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