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    Revision as of 00:57, 27 February 2021 by wikia:lgbta>Cryptocrew
    The aegoromantic flag.
    Second Aegoromantic flag.
    Third aegoromantic flag
    Fourth aegoromantic flag
    Aegoromantic flag by Cryptocrew.

    Aegoromantic, previously known as autochorisromantic, is a micro-label on the aromantic spectrum that describes those who enjoy the concept of romance but have a disconnect between themself and the subject of romantic fantasies. Aegoromantic people may have romantic fantasies, enjoy romantic media, or engage in shipping in fandoms, but they tend to feel little to no romantic attraction in real life and typically do not desire a romantic relationship. Often times, their romantic fantasies are viewed from a dissociative third-person perspective, and not from the first person. They usually involve other people, such as fictional characters or celebrities with the aegoromantic person only being a disembodied observer.

    The sexual equivalent is aegosexual.


    Aegoromantic seems to have first been coined on June 26, 2016 by pride-color-schemes.


    The aegoromantic flags were coined by pride-color-schemes on June 26, 2016. They have no confirmed meaning.

    The alternate flag was coined by Cryptocrew on February 26th of 2021. The shades of green represents romantic orientation while the black triangles represents a wall inbetween ones romantic attraction and themself. The grey X represents the greyromantic spectrum.


    'A' means no in Greek, and ego means oneself.



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