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    The antigender flag (first definition).
    Alternate antigender flag
    Another alternate antigender flag
    The antigender flag (second definition).
    The antigirl flag.
    The antiboy flag.

    Antigender is a term with two possible definitions. The first definition is as an umbrella term for any gender that can only be described as being the opposite of another gender (known as an eugender). For example, antiboy would be the opposite of a male. However, antiboy would not necessarily be female, because male and female are not true opposites. Antigenders may also be used by individuals who cannot narrow down their gender, but know they are definitely not a certain gender. This definition is sometimes used interchangeably with ungender, though ungender also has another definition.

    The second definition is not a concrete identity, but rather describes an experience that encompasses confrontational or averse feelings towards the concept of gender. This can stem from an anger towards how society believes that an understanding or connection to gender is an inherent need to be human. It can also be the result of not having a way to understand or fully cement an understanding of such a concept as applied to oneself. Or it could result from a desire to be seen as someone with more important qualities than one's gender. One can be somewhat confrontational or detached from these ideals, opting to express a sense of self that complete averts the gender construct. It encompasses many experiences, the only constant is that they all exist in contradiction to the social construct of "gender". It may include experiences such as feeling detached from gender as a construct, and embracing dehumanization as a positive. Certain neurodivergent experiences with gender are antigender, though it is not exclusive to them. One's uses of neopronouns, it/its pronouns, emojiself pronouns, voidpunk ideology, and similar can be related to the term.


    Antigender was originally coined by Tumblr user kgmps2 on July 9, 2014.[1][2]

    The term also appears to be coined with the same definition (possibly independently) by Tumblr user asexualjavert through mogai-archive on or before August 25, 2014.[3]

    The second definition of antigender was coined by Reddit user potaTARDIS_ on July 20, 2020.[4]


    The first antigender flag was created by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on the June 4, 2018. It has no confirmed meaning.

    The flag for the second definition was created by Reddit user potaTARDIS_ on July 20, 2020. The flag was based on the voidpunk flag. The orange and blue are based on the direct inverses on the color wheel of the blue and pink on the trans flag, this direct conflict represents an existence directly contrary to the concept of gender. White represents a positive lack of connection to the concept of gender. It is bright, airy, carefree. Off-black represents an intentional disconnect from the idea of gender dictating humanity, but one that is pleasant and not as stark as it may seem. It also represents the reclamation of concepts of depersonalization or dehumanization, especially in regards to the gender construct. It also resembes a void. It surrounds the flag, as it is the point in which all these other beautiful and powerful ideas reside. Purple is a mix of blue and red/pink. This represents the mixing of gender concepts like femininity, masculinity, or androgyny. It represents a playful and happy lack of restraint with these concepts; even if some of these concepts do not apply to oneself, one may feel no qualms with breaking their rules or feeling them occasionally. Purple is in the middle, as a circle instead of a line, and warps the concepts around it., this is due to the transgressiveness of it, as well as its refusal to play by heavily gendered rules.

    An alternate antigender flag was created by Tumblr user aceallies on May 25, 2018.[5]

    Another alternate antigender flag was submitted to Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on or before March 22, 2021.[6][7]

    The antiboy and antigirl flags were created by FANDOM user ChaoticSasha on May 27, 2021.[8]


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