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    The voidpunk flag.

    Voidpunk is a subculture for those who often feel rejected or disconnected from humanity. This is popular within aromantic spectrum and asexual spectrum communities but also includes groups such as neurodivergent individuals, disabled individuals, non-binary individuals, individuals of color, and other groups that are frequently dehumanized or called "subhuman" by society. Voidpunk is based on embracing the idea of being "not human". While some individuals within these marginalized groups seek to prove their humanity to their oppressors, voidpunk instead recognizes that these oppressors are bigoted and taunts them by saying "Maybe I am not human up to society's standards. What about it?"

    Voidpunk has no one aesthetic or style but often includes relating to, or comparing oneself to non-human creatures such as aliens, robots, ghosts, or other monsters. Many individuals participating in voidpunk culture make "voidsonas"- a typically non-human original character that is typically a persona for the creator, often being a metaphor for the creator's own experiences with systemic dehumanization.


    The concept of voidpunk was created by Tumblr user Arotaro on February 18, 2018, but the name came from the user Milkchocolateowl[1]. Voidpunk was officially defined on September 2, 2018[2].


    The voidpunk flag was designed by the user honteuzaikonfu on October 28, 2018[3]. Purple represents asexual individuals and non-binary individuals. Green represents aromantic individuals and neurodivergent individuals. The black circle represents a black hole, symbolizing the void as well as a lack of humanity. White represents the unity of the many communities under the voidpunk subculture.


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