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    Not to be confused with aroacegender
    File:Aroace agender.svg
    AAA flag
    Aroace agender (also known as AAA, Triple A, AAA-spec, or ) is an identity that combines "aro" (for aromantic spectrum), "ace" (for asexual spectrum), and "agender" (for agender spectrum). Aroace agender can be used for any individual who identifies with all three spectrums.

    For example, an aromantic demisexual libragender person, an greyromantic asexual agenderflux person, and a lithromantic acespike agender might all be described as aroace agender people.

    Some aroaces agender people may experience other forms of attraction that are neither romantic nor sexual, such as queerplatonic attraction or alterous attraction. If they feel that this attraction is significant enough to warrant a place alongside their aroace orientation, they may identify as oriented aroace or angled aroace.


    In early December 2018, a design for an aroace flag was posted by Tumblr user Aroesflags.[1] This design starts with an orange stripe at the top, followed by a yellow stripe, a white stripe, and two shades of blue. According to the introduction post, the white stripe represents "wholeness," the yellow represents "love and relationships," and the orange represents "community." This is one of the most popular aroace flags, as its unique design shows that the aroace identity is something unique and is not just a combination of asexual and aromantic.

    Some other flags have been proposed. The 22th May 2019, an other flag design has been posted on Tumblr by the user aro-ace-agender-space[2]. On December 1st 2019, a flag design atributed to @nblw-lve has been posted on an aromantic wordpress[3]. On July 16th, u/FormicaRufa posted an other flag design proposal on Reddit[4].[1]

    All Aroace Agender flags combines the stripe colors from the aroace flag or of the separate ace and aro flags with the agender flag to create a more specific identity flag.

    Other information

    Aroace Agender people are commonly known as "AAA batteries". Extending from this, aroaces, aro agender people, and ace agender people are referred to as "AA batteries". People who are asexual aromantic agender and aplatonic have been called "AAAA batteries".


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