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    The agenderflux flag.
    An alternate agenderflux flag by Asphyn Falwell.
    The original agenderflux flag without gradients.
    Another alternate agenderflux flag by Reddit user u/It-Is-I-Username

    Agenderflux, also known as librafluid, is a gender in which one is mostly agender, but has a partial connection to a gender and that gender is fluid or fluctuating. It is similar to demifluid but with agender being the static part, and the agender part outweighting the fluid part. Agenderflux individuals often also identify as non-binary, genderfluid, or transgender.

    This means that one mostly feels agender but sometimes feel like they are slightly gendered. They could feel slightly masculine, feminine, in between, or anything outside of that range as long as it is gendered. One can also feel slightly two or more genders at once.


    Agenderflux was coined by a currently unknown Tumblr user sometime before May 15, 2017.[1]


    The original flag has no known meaning. The meaning of the alternate agenderflux flag is as follows:

    The grey and light grey stripes represent an absence of gender, the white represents partial genderlessness, the light green represents the fluctuation between a specific gender or multiple genders. Finally, green represents the non-binary genders.

    The third alternate agenderflux flag was designed on June 19, 2020, by Reddit user u/It-Is-I-Username.[2] The meaning of the third flag is: black means the absence of color in terms of light, white is the absence of color in terms of pigment, orange is femininity in a non-binary way, green is masculinity in a non-binary way, and yellow is a combination of femininity and masculinity in a non-binary way.


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