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    The system-partnership flag.
    Alternate system-partnership flag.
    The aepluric flag.
    The equipluaric flag.
    Old system-partnership flag (disowned, creator discourages use)

    A System-Partnership is a type of relationship in which two or more members of the same system are intimately involved with one another (often within the innerworld) whether this be romantic, platonic, queerplatonic, alterous, sexual, a passionate friendship, or any other type of relationship.

    Individuals may mistakenly view this as being self-partnered if they are unaware the body holds a system.

    This term is not to be confused with Partner Systems, a term used to describe multiple systems who are involved with one another intimately. However, the two terms can overlap if one is dating individuals in their own system as well as dating individuals in other systems.

    Intrasystem Relationship

    Intrasystem Relationships, Intra-System relationships, or In-House relationships is a term used to describe a relationship between two or more (but not all) system members within the same system. This relationship can be of any attraction, and does not have to be sexual or romantic.


    Aepluric or equipluaric is a type of polyamorous relationship in which every headmate within a system is intimately involved with one another. Everyone in the system is in a relationship (of any kind of attraction, or multiple kinds of attraction.) Depending on the innerworld ages of those involved, they may or may not form a line relationship, or something similar, in order to avoid pedophillic nature.


    The term System-Partnership was coined on this wiki by a Anderson on December 20th, 2020. Equipluaric was coined on August 12th of 2018 by an anonymous through Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags. Aepluric was coined on April 14th of 2020 by Tumblr user plural-labels.


    The original flag was created by Anderson on December 20th, 2020. This is, however, before he was informed that the flag he used as a base was made by a sysmed that excludes endogenic and non-traumagenic systems. Since then he has disowned the flag, and does not encourage anyone to use it.

    The current flag was coined by Gamzee on December 28th of 2020, The pinks representing love (regardless of which type of love/attraction), white and black represent ace and aro spec individuals/headmates, and the oranges represent systems.

    The alternate flag was coined by Fairylightssystem on February 21st of 2021. From top to bottom, each stripe represents the following: system partnerships within one system, system partnerships that include partner systems, love, pride, love within systems, polyamorous system partnerships, a-spec individuals in system partnerships.

    The equipluaric flag was coined on August 12th of 2018 by an anomynous through Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags. It has no confirmed meaning. The aepluric flag was coined by Tumblr user plural-labels on April 14th of 2020. It also has no confirmed meaning.


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