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    an 11-striped horizontal flag with stripes in descending order: red-pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, white, light yellow, light green, light blue, light purple, light red-pink
    The synesthegender flag
    The synesthgender flag
    alternate Synesthgender Flag
    another alternate Synesthgender flag by FANDOM User PluralStarlets

    Synesthegender, also known as synesthgender, is a neurogender wherein one’s perception of gender is affected by their synesthesia.[1] This could be their own gender, or gender in general. One's gender identity may be so tied to their synesthesia that the two can not be separated. It is an umbrella term for a range of experiences that synesthetes might experience with their gender identity. As such, this label has more than one definition.

    One definition is when one's gender identity is part of one's synesthetic experiences. In this definition, one's gender may or may not be fluid. One's feeling of gender may be equivalent to any one of their synesthetic experiences. One's gender may invoke colors, sounds, tastes or any experience related to their synesthesia.

    Another definition is when one's gender is fluid and is influenced by their synesthetic experiences. For example, someone with sound-taste synesthesia might be a demiboy due to the taste a certain sound invokes, but may be xenic later due to another taste. This case would also fall under mutogender.

    Specific Genders

    Specific synesthesia-affected genders can be named by attaching one of the following suffixes to a word or morpheme:[2]

    • -ete (relating to synesthesia)
    • -huete (relating to synesthesia where the symptoms involve colors)
    • -eralete (relating to synesthesia where the symptoms involve numbers)
    • -soundete (relating to synesthesia where the symptoms involve sounds)
    • -tactite (relating to synesthesia where the symptoms involve touch/tactile things)
    • -whuete (relating to person-color synesthesia)
    • -huwete (relating to personality-color synesthesia)


    Synesthegender was coined on April 15, 2019 by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags[1]. Synesthgender was coined on February 8th, 2021, by LGBTQIA+ Wiki editor Stitchy0.


    The synesthegender flag was uploaded in the Tumblr coining post. There are five colored stripes to represent the five common senses, sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, but together they also represent lesser known senses and concepts. White represents gender. The brighter stripes represent projective synesthesia, and the duller stripes represent associative synesthesia.

    The synesthgender flag was created on the same day as the term. It was inspired by the creator's experiences with the song Birthday Party by AJR. An alternate flag was created by FANDOM user Gxrldisaster on Febuary 9, 2021. It represents sheir experiences with synthesia. Another alternate synesthgender flag was created by FANDOM user PluralStarlets as a safe alternative to those with color sensitivity and to symbolize neurodivergence.


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