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    A proposed Spadillic flag

    Spadillic, also known as Spadille, is an umbrella term for people who do not experience romantic and sexual attraction or experience them conditionally, weakly, or rarely. This includes aroaces, people who are both asexual spectrum and aromantic spectrum, non-sam asexuals, non-sam aromantics, and anyone who does not experience romantic and sexual attraction regularly. Spadillic can also be used as a label in and of itself. It can be considered an alternative word for aroace. The spadillic label is especially appealing to those who do not wish to define their identity in terms of the split attraction model.

    For non-spadillic (alio) people romantic and sexual attraction are involuntary and even occur when someone doesn't know the other person.


    The term spadillic was originally coined by tumblr blog @Glassreefshark. The stated goal of the post was to create a term for “aroace” that was neutral in regard to the split attraction model, meaning that a person identifying under the term would be able to decide if they wanted to use the split attraction model or not. Using the term aroace implies that a person considers themself both asexual and aromantic separately. Spadillic is a unifying term for people who don’t experience romantic and sexual attraction, whether they identify as asexual, aromantic, both, neither, or just spadillic.


    In the asexual community ace playing cards are used as symbolism for asexuality derived from the nickname for asexuals “ace”. The ace of hearts represents asexuals who feel romantic attraction, the ace of diamonds represents demisexuals, the ace of clubs represents grayasexuals, and the ace of spades (the spadille) represents asexuals who do not feel romantic attraction. (Though, the ace of spades has come to be a popular symbol of asexuality in general.) The moniker spadillic arises from the ace of spades playing card. A person who is spadillic is “an ace of spades” and an ace of spades is someone who does not feel romantic or sexual attraction.


    The first known Spadillic flag design was created by Reddit user @Aro_Space_Ace on 10-19-2020. This introduced the concept of incorporating a spade over the yellow-blue aroace flag that is found in other variations.

    The spadillic flag is similar to the orange-blue aroace flag. The only major difference between the two is that the spadillic flag features a spade symbol in its center. The orange-blue aroace flag is a fairly neutral symbol for people who are not alio but since not all spadillics would identify as aroace a distinction is made.

    Likewise color meanings are similar to the aroace flag’s color meanings as well. Dark blue represents spadillic identities that feel little to no attraction. Light blue represents differing experiences of attraction, to represent oriented aroaces and the gray spectrum of spadillic identities. The blue colors are between aromantic green and asexual purple. White represents wholeness, and represents spadillics who are aplatonic, nonamorous, or otherwise not seeking a committed partnership. Yellow represents love and relationships that exist outside of conventional and amatonormative ideas of romantic and sexual relationships. Orange represents community. Orange, like blue, is in between ace purple and aro green on the color wheel, just in the other direction.


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