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    Soporine flag by Elderflowerjuice
    Soporine flag without moon
    Base soporine flag

    Soporine is a gender quality or alignment categorized by sleepiness, tiredness, dreams, etc. Genders which are soporine in nature (SPIN) can be referred to as Spingenders. Genders that could fall into soporine include Sleepyleite and Somnigender.


    Soporine was coined by FANDOM user ElderflowerJuice on June 14, 2021.[1]


    The flag was designed by FANDOM user ElderflowerJuice on June 14, 2021.[2] The flag is not based on other [ ]ine flags, rather it is based on dreamlike imagery.[3]


    Soporine comes from "sopor", the Latin word for sleep.[4]