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    The soft-stormgender flag.

    Soft-Stormgender, also known as Stormhygge, is an aesthetigender/xenogender defined as being connected to the feeling of safety and warmth that comes from being inside during a winter storm, by a fireplace or tucked under blankets while it’s raining or snowing.

    While it is similar to other genders related to the rain, storms, etc., it is differentiated from them by encompassing all of the main ideas surrounding storms and cold weather, while also incorporating the emotional aesthetic and nostalgic feeling of being safe, warm, and indoors during a storm.

    Stormhygge flag.

    The term can presumable be used in combination with other gender terms.


    According to the creator the original flag, the meaning is as follows: Bright purple symbolizes warmth, as well as femininity and feminine presentation and genders. White symbolizes the purity and nostalgia of the concept, as well as androgyny, non-binary identities, and lack of gender. Aqua symbolizes peace, as well as masculinity and masculine presentation/genders. Navy blue symbolizes cold weather. Blue-tinted off-white symbolizes clouds and snow. Gray-blue with some green hues symbolizes the rain.

    an alternate soft-stormgender flag
    an alternate soft-stormgender flag

    The alternate flag was created by Tumblr user Sanityflux on May 6th, 2021. The color meanings are the same as the original, except for the deep blue on top, symbolizing the darkened sky and clouds associated with storms. Purple still represents warmth and femininity/feminine genders and presentation, but the warmth itself is softer, thus de-saturated.

    The second alternate flag was created by Fandom user Snownautilus on June 11, 2021. The deeper blues represent the darkness of a storm while the pastel pink, yellow and blue represent light, warmth and comfort. The light blue also represents masculinity, the pink represents femininity and the yellow represents gnc and non-binary people.


    Both the term and the original flag were first introduced on October 3rd, 2020 by Tumblr user timur1312.

    The alternate name, Stormhygge, is a combination of the term "hygge", a Danish word meaning "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being", and "storm", which is the aspect to which the cozy feeling relates.


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