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    Snagender flag.

    Snagender is a xenogender or gastrogender in which ones gender is affected by snacks. Snagender may be a gender that fluctuates when eating snacks, a gender that is only felt when eating snacks, or a gender that changes when eating snacks. One who is affected by a specific snack may add that snack to the label. An example would be 'cheetosnagender.')

    Related terms include dessgender and meagender.


    The term snagender was coined by a wiki user going by Anderson on January 3rd, 2021 as a counterpart to snasexual.


    The snagender flag was designed by FANDOM user HandMeMyShovel on March 22, 2021. Both the colors and the symbols are inspired by popular snacks (cheetos, potato chips, etc). The white represents that it is a non-binary/xenogender identity.