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    The Wechselnd Attraction Flag
    An alternate Wechselnd Attraction flag

    Wechselnd Attraction, (Vehk-Zelnd) alternatively called Shifting Attraction and Switch Attraction, describes a tertiary style of potential attraction with relevance to both Cedural Attraction and Tutelary Attraction. Under Wechselnd Attraction, the subject's attraction style may fluctuate between Cedural or Tutelary depending on the emotional, intellectual, or otherwise state and context of the subject, as well as the individual they are attracted to. A subject may have a stronger Tutelary Attraction towards an individual who they are interested warding and otherwise protecting, but may have a more Cedural Attraction towards a different individual, or even with the same individual if they temporarily (or permanently) take on a more caretaker-esque role for the subject. The aspects and nature of the subject's Cedural or Tutelary attraction are intermittent, and may change or be nonextant depending on mood or context, two separate instances of the subject's Cedural attraction may look and feel different to the subject and to the recipient.

    The temporary and contextual nature of Wechselnd Attraction means that the way or ways that the subject finds an individual to be attractive in a sexual, romantic, or tertiary fashion, may be intermittent. For instance, you could enjoy a sexual attraction with an individual when your attraction to them is primarily Tutelary, but not when it is primarily Cedural. Even if you are sexually attracted to someone in both instances of Cedural and Tutelary attraction, the nature of that sexual attraction may change between them, or change depending on the day.

    This relationship is not to be confused with dependent personality disorder (DPD), protectors in systems, or with BDSM and kink related power play sometimes seen in sexual/romantic relationships.


    The term Wechselnd Attraction was coined on February 3rd, 2021, during a private conversation between two members of the LGBTA Wiki, users Creacket and BigGalFastThough were speaking over the nature of fluxuating, caretaking-related, tertiary attractions and desired a term to describe intermittence, alternation, and variance of said attractions. The German word Wechselnd was chosen, as it captured all relevant ideas effectively.


    The word "wechselnd" is German for the process of switching, therefore indicating the switching between Cedural attraction and Tutelary attraction.

    The Flag

    The inversion of colors from left to right symbolizes how the subject may switch from being primarily Tutelary to primarily Cedural. The red is reminiscent of the more intense colors from the Tutelary flag, while the lichen green calls to the more passive coloration of the Cedural flag. The black, grey, and white, gradient is a theme seen in many tertiary attraction flags, particularly the Cedural and Tutelary flags.

    The alternate flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user Aluminalina on February 12, 2021. They mixed the colors of the cedural and tutelary flags.


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    2. Cedural Attraction
    3. Tutelary Attraction
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