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    Sex Stances, not to be confused with political sexual opinions, are an aspect of sexuality describing an individual’s feelings towards sexual interaction. This can include feelings towards sex, towards other sexual activities, or towards sexual interaction as a concept. These terms are commonly used by asexual spectrum individuals, but are not exclusive to this community or sexuality.

    Commonly used sex stances include the following:

    • Sex-Favorable - One feels favorable towards or enjoys sexual interaction.
    • Sex-Indifferent - One has no strong feelings regarding sexual interaction.
    • Sex-Repulsed - One feels repulsed by sexual interaction.
    • Sex-Averse - One feels repulsed by the idea of personally engaging in sexual interaction.
    • Sex-Ambivalent - One has mixed or complicated feelings regarding sexual interaction.
    • Sex-Oscillating - One’s feelings towards sexual interaction change or fluctuate over time.
    • Sex-Drained - One feels repulsed by sexual interaction due to trauma or exhaustion

    The romantic interaction equivalent is romance stances. The sensual interaction equivalent is touch stances. The platonic interaction equivalent is friendship stances. The orgasmic activity equivalent is orgasm stances.


    This concept has existed within the asexual community with no clear first coining for many years. The term was recoined for the purpose of providing a concrete source by AnonymousHermitCrab on the subreddit r/asexuality on April 27th, 2022.[1]


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