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    The satiaromantic flag.

    Satiaromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum and is a subcategory of quoiromantic. It is also closely related to platoniromantic, idemromantic, caedromantic and requisromantic.

    Those who are satiaromantic can best describe their romantic feelings by comparing them to semantic satiation, a loss of meaning in words when repeating them enough times.[1] In other words, satiaromantics have experienced romance enough times for it to become meaningless to them. A satiaromantic person may have experienced romance more times than another satiaromantic person, and that doesn't make either of their feelings any less valid. There is no minimum or maximum when it comes to the number of times a satiaromantic person has to experience romance before identifying as satiaromantic.

    Satiaromantic is a micro-label, meaning that by saying someone is satiaromantic, it is implied that they're also aromantic, and/or quoiromantic. Satiaromantics may also identify as platoniromantic or idemromantic, since it's not specified whether or not satiaromantics are able to tell apart platonic and romantic feelings. Although caedromantic and requisromantic are very similar to satiaromantic, they are exclusive identities for trauma survivors, neurodivergent or otherwise disabled people, while satiaromantic is not.

    Flag & Symbolism

    The flag was created by Wikia user Botto21 in 2021 August. It consists of a yellow stripe at the top, symbolizing friendships and platonic relationships. The gray stripe in the middle symbolizes forgetting what romance feels like, and the color of the slashed zero symbolizes romance, so it combined with the number zero implies that satiaromantics feel no amount of romantic attraction. The orange bar at the bottom stands for any kind of attraction which is neither platonic, nor romantic, but somewhere in between the two.


    The prefix satia- comes from the Latin word satis, meaning enough.[2]


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