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    The first known Rusexual flag.
    Alternative Rusexual Pride Flag

    Rusexual is a term to describe someone who is exclusively or primarily attracted to drag queens, drag kings, and/or drag monarchs. One who is rusexual may be only attracted to one of those three categories (such as only being attracted to drag queens.) If an individual is using this term to describe their primary attraction, they may or may not also identify as imprisexual.

    This term may overlap with terms such as GNCsexual in certain cases. This term may also be used as a modifier for other attraction, such as ruromantic, rualterous, etc.

    This term is not to be used by those who fetishize or dehumanize drag performers. It is also not to be used to fetishize or dehumanize those who are gender non-conforming, or are otherwise 'crossdressers.' One should not use this term if they have such intentions, morals, or ethics.


    The prefix 'ru' is taken from the well known drag queen, known as Ru Paul. It is similar to the usage of the 'ru' prefix in the song titled Rupaulogize by Willam Belli.


    The first rusexual flag was designed by Fengxian89 on LGBTA Wiki. Some may not want to use it, as there is much controversy around Ru Paul (the individual on the flag.)

    The alternative rusexual flag was designed by themogaidragon on LGBTA Wiki. It is inspired from the common drags flags.

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