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    Alternative flag.
    Alternative rubian flag made by JuliQP.

    Rubian refers to an individual who is both nblm and wlm, meaning someone who is both non-binary and a woman (non-binary woman) who is attracted to men.

    A rubian individual is attracted to men and/or prioritizes their attraction to men over other attractions they may have. Rubian is an umbrella term, like diamoric, though it can also be used as an identity by itself.

    The neutral attraction equivalent is Hecatolic. The non-binary man equivalent is Azurian.

    History and Flag

    The rubian flag was designed by ultravioletfyre and was submitted to the blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on July 1, 2018.[1] The term was coined by the Tumblr users Arco-pluris and Mogaiflagswithbenton.[1]

    The alternative flag was made by a FANDOM user who wished to remain anonymous on June 14, 2021. The flag's colors are color-picked from an image of rubies; the pinkish-red colors at the top symbolize women or feminine genders, the black color in the center and the blue around it symbolize attraction to men or masculine genders, and the red colors at the bottom symbolize non-binary or neutral genders.

    The second alternative flag was made by JuliQP, a Wikia FANDOM user on August 27, 2021. It's based on the first alternative flag made by an anonymous individual, so it has a similar meaning as that one. Pink colors represent femininity and femenine genders, red colors represent nonbinarism and abinary identities, and the blue colors represent attraction to masculine genders.


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