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    The queerflexible flag
    An alternate queerflexible flag.
    An alternate queerflexible flag.

    Queer-flexible (or queerflexible) is a term referring one identifies mainly as queer but knows that they are also flexible in their attraction, sex and/or gender identity. Examples of this would be:

    • Identifying as any orientation and knowing that one is also flexible in that orientation, but not wanting to label it fully (example: identifying as a lesbian, being flexible in some way, and not wanting to label oneself as homoflexible).
    • Identifying as a lesser known orientation that does not have a flexible variant (example: identifying as marsic and having a flexible orientation).
    • Identifying primarily as queer, but using more specific labels on occasion or under specific circumstances (see labelflux).
    • Being unsure which -flexible identity one identifies as.
    • Mostly experiencing queer attraction, but occasionally experiencing attraction that one does not consider to be queer.
    • Someone who is mainly genderqueer or sexqueer but sometimes binary cisgender or dyadic cisgenital.
    • Otherwise identifying as both queer and flexible in some way.


    The term was coined sometime on or before February 4, 2019 on Tumblr account Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags.[1] The term was given a similar alternate meaning by FANDOM user Rose.Quartz.Council.[2]


    The primary flag was designed on February 4, 2019 by Mod arco-pluris on Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags.[1] The flag color meanings are currently unknown.

    The alternate flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user Queer sunflower on June 18, 2021. The flag is a combination of the queer flag, the platonic attraction flag, the multisexual flag, the straight flag, the gay flag, and the aspec flag.[3]

    The third flag, by sol_v_diaz on Twitter, was made on June 17th, 2021.[4] The flag is a combination of a simplified version of the queer flag and a softer toned Gilbert-Baker pride flag, representing different experiences of queerness. It is based on common -flexible flags.


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