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    The quattuorsexual flag
    The original, and now alternate quattuorsexual flag.

    Quattoursexual, shortened to qua or quat, refers to an individual who is exclusively attracted to the binary genders as well as demigirls and demiboys. Other demigender identities are not included in this attraction.

    Quattoursexual individuals may be attracted to demigirlflux and demiboyflux genders, but that depends on the individual and their preferences.


    This sexuality was coined by user Kittyrollercoaster on March 24, 2021. This term was coined through this page and has no external sources.


    The current flag was designed by user Reign of the breadsticcs on March 24, 2021. The flag consists of pink, blue, white, and light grey. The darker pink represents attraction to females, the darker blue represents attraction to males, the lighter blue represents attraction to demiboys, the lighter pink represents attraction to demigirls, and the grey and white represent the attraction to non-binary identities, as demigirl and demiboy are both under the non-binary umbrella.

    The alternate flag was originally the first flag, and was designed on March 24, 2021, by user Kittyrollercoaster. The red represents attraction to women, the blue represents attraction to men, and the brown represents attraction to demigirls and demiboys.