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    The demiboyflux flag.
    An alternate demiboyflux flag.
    The demiboyflux symbol.
    The hemiboyflux flag.

    Demiboyflux is a combination of demiboy and boyflux. Demiboyflux individuals have some connection to maleness but this connection fluctuates. At their most male, demiboyflux individuals feel like a demiboy. At their least male, they may feel like another gender.

    The term may also be interpreted as someone who is partially, but not fully, boyflux.

    Alt flag by EinJoschy.

    The female counterpart is demigirlflux. Its neutral counterpart is demigenderflux.

    History and Flag

    The first known use of the term was by Tumblr user nonbinaryresource on August 10th, 2016, in response to an anonymous ask.[1]

    The demiboyflux flag was created on or before July 11th, 2020.

    An alternate demiboyflux flag was created by Tumblr user orientationgender on December 23, 2020.[2]

    On April 10, 2021, FANDOM user Shadowfaunet created the demiboyflux symbol.


    Hemiboyflux is a specific term for demiboyflux individuals who fluctuate between feeling zero and fifty percent boyflux. The closest they can be to boyflux is demiboyflux, and the furthest they can be is agender. While specifically a hemigender, hemiboyflux is a variation of demiboyflux.

    The term was coined by FANDOM user AkoiFish on September 16, 2020.[3] The flag was created a day later.


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