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    The pristroromantic flag
    The pristroromantic flag created by Dxxnkichu.

    Pristroromantic is when one may gain romantic attraction at any pace but they must tell the other their own feelings before the other reciprocates the emotions, or else all previous romantic attraction will be lost. An example of this is: A is attracted to B and C. B confesses that they also have the same attraction to A that A felt for B, but A no longer has that attraction to B because B confirmed their reciprocated attraction to A before A stated their attraction to B. Since A is only attracted to C now, A tells C that they are attracted to C and C reciprocates the feelings that A is having towards them. A still experiences attraction to C but no longer feels attraction to B.

    An alt flag with less meaning, but prettier, also coined by Dxxnkichu on February 9th.

    This is an a-spec identity on the aromantic spectrum and can be combined with other terms. The sexual counterpart is pristrosexual.

    Meaning and History

    "Pri" come from the Greek word "πριν" [prin] and it translates means "before" in English. The second part of the prefix "stro" comes from the Greek word "αντίστροφα" [antístrofa] which means "reciprocated" in English. These words were chosen to represent how one must declare their emotions before the other side reciprocates it.

    The green triangle represents aromanticism "creeping up" (as describied by Dxxnkichu) and removing the romantic attraction. The black is to show where the romantic attraction used to be while the bright red represents how a pristroromantic person must tell their feelings first, as red is the first color in a rainbow. White is used to show romantic attraction and that's why the green triangle is on top the white area. The dark teal is to show reciprocated feelings and a white line separates the flag into two halves to show the brain experiencing conflict between having romantic attraction under these really specific situations, but green and black taking up most of the flag to stage that the aromanticism takes over.

    Pristroromantic was coined on January 7, of 2021 by Dxxnkichu.

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