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    Purple to pink gradient flag with a symbol that shows a pillow with hearts on it.
    The pillowlove flag.
    Purple to pink gradient flag
    The pillowlove flag without the symbol.
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    Pillowlove is a term for those who feel that their romantic attraction and/or sexual attraction is stronger when in bed (or in any sleeping area) and weakens away from bed or simply doesn't exist.

    One's attraction may or may not increase when thinking about being in bed by themselves or with their significant other(s).

    This term can also be used for those who frequently find themselves having genuine communication with their partner(s) in bed.

    This term can be used as a modifier or on its own.

    Flag and Etymology

    The purple tones of the flag represent the night time, as that is when most people decide to get in bed, but this term is not exclusive to only being in bed at night or at any time of the day. The pink tones represent love and compassion.

    Pillowlove's name and second definition was inspired by the term "pillow talk" which means to have a genuine, intimate, and loving conversation between two (or more) people in bed or while cuddling. Does not necessarily have to be between romantic partners.


    This term and flag was made by FANDOM user Pwoodle.Cwies on October 18, 2021 to describe his sexuality better.

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