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    The perracaesexual flag.

    Perracaesexual refers to an individual that experiences a rare "gender blindness" to one specific person; meaning the person an individual is attracted to has a gender that the individual's orientation normally does not include. However, one does not consider this to change their orientation, this gender blindness just occurs with that one specific person. For example, someone may normal only feel attraction to women and agender people, however, they have a strong emotional bond with with a man and develop sexual attraction to them. However, they still do not feel attraction to any men other than this one individual.

    It's usually used by non-binary people, but can also be used by any gender. It is generally used by people who feel as though homoflexible/heteroflexible or other -flexible labels don't describes them, or they want to keep it as a separate sexuality in addition to their usual one since it's only a rare occurrence. People that experience this also usually but not necessarily already have a strong emotional bond with the person who is the exception to their normal attraction.

    The romantic equivalent is perracaeromantic.


    The term was coined June 16, 2021 by fandom user Kaito.prnc.


    The yellow stripe represents non-binary identities. Pink represents women and feminine-aligned genders. Blue represents men and masculine-aligned genders. Green represents genderlessness. The red circle touches all the stripes and stands for passion and love. The orange circle stands for the rareness and uniqueness of the specific person one is attracted to.


    Perracaesexual comes from the Latin root perrarus meaning "very rare/uncommon"[1] and caecitas meaning "blindness".[2]


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