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    The panaesthetic flag by Swiftinspring.

    Panaesthetic or pansthetic describes an aesthetic attraction towards any person regardless of gender. Aesthetic attraction is defined as attraction towards a person's appearance, or how they look or present themselves. Panaesthetic means one likes the appearance of people regardless of gender.


    Aesthetic attraction was first used on AVEN forums around 2005. Since then it has been combined with other terms to describe people's experiences of aesthetic attraction. It is not known when exactly "panaesthetic" was first used.


    The panaesthetic flag by sunny-flags.
    The first coined panaesthetic flag was created on March 2nd, 2018 by Tumblr and Wiki user Acro_pluris.
    the panaesthetic flag deisgned by Acro_pluris

    The second panaesthetic flag was created April 12th, 2020 by Tumblr user sunny-flags [1]. It is the aromantic and asexual flags overlayed on top of the pan flag, then brightened up a bit.

    The third suggested panaesthetic flag was created December 21, 2020 by Wiki user Swiftinspring. The flag is the pan flag and the aesthetic attraction flag combined. The first shade of pink represents people with neutral or genderless aesthetics, the second shade of pink represents people with feminine or xenic aesthetics, the reddish-pink represents non-human or animalistic aesthetics, the white represents the wide spectrum of attraction, the yellow represents the a-spec community, the blue represents people with masculine aesthetics, and the circle in the middle represents all races and their own aesthetics, as well as QPoC.

    (Note- images of the flags order does not match up to the order they were made)


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