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    Flag by Ariathatsme

    Omniaropomo is when a person is on the aromantic spectrum but is unsure where specifically, and has no preference for the gender of their partner. Omniaropomo is a combination of three different words:

    Omni, indicating both omniromantic and panromantic, shows that this person is attracted to all genders/doesn't have any gender preferences. Aro indicates that they are aro-spec.

    Pomo is short for pomoromantic and indicates that they do not know, or care to label themselves more specifically, and/or because they feel there is not currently a term within the LGBTQ+ community to properly describe their identity when it comes to romantic relationships and/or activities.

    The asexual counterpart is omniacepomo.

    Flag and Meaning

    The flag was created on May 17, 2021 by FANDOM user Ariathatsme. The meaning goes as follows: grey for being unsure of your orientation, light pink for pomosexuality, green for aromantic spectrums, and yellow and pink for pansexuality.


    This article was requested by several users in the comment section of omniacepomo in 2020/2021. Who coined the term is not certain.