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    The original nymboy flag by xenoleaf
    The striped nymboy flag by xenoleaf
    The simplified nymboy flag by waxingoccult

    Nymboy or Abinboy refers to an Abinary Boy, or a boy who defines their boyhood in a way distinct from the gender “boy” as it exists in the gender binary. Nymboys may see their boyhood as Anonbinary, or something else entirely.[1][2]

    It is a type of boyhood that lacks ties to the gender-binary, including a relationship to binary boyhood, manhood, maleness, cisness, male-alignment, binary masculinity, and most other widespread connotations of boyhood. It is a boyhood that is not gendervir in any way.

    Some possible examples of nymboy experiences include:

    • Feeling as though their gender is the place where the binary gender boy used to be.
    • Having a gender that started out as the binary gender “boy” but has become something else entirely, while still feeling as if the name “boy” applies to that gender.
    • Using the word boy in contexts which do not pertain to the gender binary.
    • Feeling as though their boyhood is unrelated to or cannot be explained in relation to girlhood.
    • Having a gender that sounds like the word boy but is spelled differently, and thus may be a different gender (boi, bxy, b*y etc.)
    • Feeling connected to attributes of boyhood that are unrelated to binary gender.
    • Experiencing a version of boyhood in a gender system that is not the Western binary-gender system.
    • Feeling gender euphoria from being called a boy despite being completely outside the gender binary.
    • Feeling as though the abinary aspects of their identity cancels out or removes the binary gendered meaning of the word boy.

    It's sibling terms are Nymgirl and Nymangi.


    Nymboy is a combination of the words "homonym" and "boy", made by taking the "nym" from "homonym" and putting it in front of "boy".[2]


    Nymboy was coined by Tumblr user Xenoleaf on August 31st, 2020.[1] Nymboy was created to describe xyr own gender experience, as xe identifies as a boy and want others to call xym a boy, yet xyr gender is drastically different than boyhood, and being included in the gender binary make xym dysphoric. Xe also see xyr boyhood as defined by its xenine qualities like being youthful, curious, free, innocent, and energetic, as well as blue, green, and yellow, which are unrelated to the role of boy in the binary gender system.

    Nymboy is also an attempt to call attention to the fact that “boy” itself is an umbrella term and can have a lot of different meanings, definitions, and connotations outside of its most common use in the boy/girl male/female gender binary system.

    On October 9th, 2020, Xenoleaf summarized and shortened the definition of Nymboy, as in xyr own words "my original definition for nymboy was also very long".[2]


    The original nymboy flag was made by Tumblr user Xenoleaf and posted along with the term's coining on August 31st, 2020.[1] Xenoleaf later updated the original flag on October 9th, 2020 and posted it alongside a new, simpler striped flag.[2]

    An even more simplified Nymboy flag was made by deactivated Tumblr user waxingoccult on or before Apr 21, 2021. It is based off of the colors used in the original, but puts them into a new 5-stripe format.[3]


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