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    The nuncgender flag
    The original nuncgender flag

    Definition #1

    "Nuncgender is a pocket gender with in which the individual experiences a "layered" feeling, having a dominant gender be alike to a translucent sheet of glass on top of a fluid or fluctuating gender. These individuals will/can identify under any other label, such as transgender or non-binary. This means that nuncgender individuals can only feel 100% of their dominant gender overlay, while they will always feel semi connected to their dominant gender at any point of their fluctuating or fluid gender. Nuncgender individuals tend to go by the pronouns typical of their dominant gender, but can go by any pronouns, or combination there of. Nuncgender individuals can transition to their dominant gender."

    Definition #2

    Nuncgender is a gender that feels layered and is always shifting. The dominant gender is usually the one that is on top. Nuncgender individuals feel 100% connected to their dominant gender, and only semi-connected to their fluid gender.


    Nuncgender was coined by SamsonProud on the Gender Wiki to explain their gender experience. (see definition 1) [1][2] It was later unknowingly re-coined by user milky jirin aeris. (see definition 2).


    The first flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user milky jirin aeris on February 18, 2021. The flag has four stripes horizontally, which symbolize agender, nonbinary/xenic, masculine/masc-aligned, and feminine/fem-aligned genders from top to bottom. The stripes vertically mean the same things, and additionally symbolize layering.

    The second flag was designed by Gender Wiki user Guns Før Hands on November 3, 2020. The flag color meanings are as follows: "Very light yellow shows that the gender can be anything and that the gender can be neither male or female. Light green signifies a combination of male and another gender. Bright blue to signify the male gender. Bright pink to signify the female gender. And bright orange to signify a combination of female and another gender."[3]


    "Nunc" is the Latin word for "layered."


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