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    Nonios flag

    Nonios is a ghostly-unaligned/neutral gender in the Spectral Gender System. These individuals feel connected to ghosts, and feels an unaligned (for ex. Possibly agender or on the agender spectrum) gender connection that isn't the same as a human unaligned gender is.

    This term is exclusive to ghostkin and/or other spectral kintypes.


    The green, yellow, orange striped flag was made on January 10th, 2021.

    Nonios flag by TsukihiTatsu

    The six striped half circle flag was made by FANDOM user TsukihiTatsu on January 7th, 2021. The flag's meaning:

    • Violet - A common color to represent the spirit
    • Prussian Blue - A color that is found around history but barely noticed that it's there like a ghost existing in plan sight interacting with the world.
    • The bottom four strips are meant to be colors traditionally connected to ghost and specters as a unite of all types being included.
    • Off White - Like the pale ghost that most think of when they think of specters and the thin veil between death and life
    • Grey - Like the shadows across the ground. Not pure darkness but exists and moves around everyone else just differently
    • Black - Like the night often connected to specters and the identities that are completely invisible to the eye but exists all the same
    • Cream - A color similar to bones, the physical symbol of the dead and sometimes worn by them. The bottom most stripe on the flag like the bones left in the ground as the specter exists and moves past them
    • The three half circles representing a 'ghostly' version of being non-aligned in shades of dark blue and grey.
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