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    Nomiflux (based off of Nomifluid) is when one's name preference and/or set of names fluctuates in intensity. One might go by a singular name for a month, or one could go by multiple names in a week. This is similar to genderflux, but instead of one's gender fluctuating in intensity, it is their name preference and/or set of names fluctuating in intensity.

    The nomiflux flag designed by -butterfly tears
    The nomiflux flag without the heart

    A nomiflux invidual can have any gender, their gender does not have to fluctuate. If their gender does fluctuate, their changing name may or may not be related to their changing gender.


    This term was coined by FANDOM user -butterfly tears on April 30th, 2021.


    The flag was designed by -butterfly tears at the same time as the term was coined. The pink stripe represents names leaned towards femininity, the green stripe is inspired off of the trigender, quadgender and quintgender flags to represent identifying with multiple names at once instead of genders, the white stripe represents having no specific name or not expressing interest in a name, the yellow stripe represents names with gender neutrality, and the blue stripe represents names leaned towards masculinity.