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    The neurohoarder flag with the infinity symbol.

    Neurocollector, also known as neurohoarder, is a term for when one is always questioning their identity due to neurodivergence, and may hoard a number of labels for identities such as pronouns, names, genders, orientations, etc. It could be considered a neurogender, and/or a subset of genderhoarder.

    Neurocollector may be used by anyone who collects labels due to neurodivergence; -hoarding terms are often considered exclusive to those who consider their label collecting a form of hoarding.


    The neurohoarder flag without the infinity symbol.

    The original poster says ey referenced the nebularomantic flag for the shades of color and number of stripes. The purple is pulled from the genderhoarder flag and slightly adjusted, the blue is from the nebularomantic flag (along with blue being quite common in quoi- flags). The black in the center represents where labels overlap, or where identity is unknown. Ey also made a flag with the infinity symbol to represent neurodivergence. Ey noted the flag's color palette is space-like, which is also seen in a lot of nebula- labels.


    Neurohoarder was coined on March 13th, 2021, by tumblr user kindness-flags, with both flags being created at the same time.[1]

    Alternate Neurohoarder flags were created by FANDOM user PluralStarlets on June 17, 2021. The rainbow represents all of the labels that one could hoard. The yellow, green and purple represent neurodivergence.


    1. https://kindness-flags.tumblr.com/post/645593737934848000/can-you-makehelp-make-a-flag-for-this-a-person
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