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    Neargirlflux (also called nearfemaleflux or nearwomanflux) is a gender under the genderflux umbrella. It is in close relation to girlflux. A neargirlflux individual can feel strongly feminine sometimes and weakly feminine at other times, but never feels fully a girl/woman. Neargirlflux is similar to demigirlflux, but a neargirlflux individual may encompass a wider expasse of feminine genders.

    Original neargirlflux flag by MyBestFriendsAreImagimary
    The original neargirlflux flag

    Neargirlflux individuals can fluctuate from feeling agender, to exteremely close to fully female, and anything inbetween. Some individuals may move smoothly between intensities while others may quickly jump between intensities. A neargirlflux individual my encompass genders such as paragirl, demigirl, librafeminine, juxera, gxrl, and many other feminine genders but binary female. A said individual can also experience non-feminine genders, but that is not necessarily related to their neargirlflux identity.

    History And Flag

    The term neargirlflux was coined by an unknown user sometime before December 5, 2021.

    The original flag made by Fandom user MyBestFriendsAreImaginary is composed of seven stripes. The varying colors of dusty pink represent the fluctuating intensity of the female identity while never being an exteremely vibrant pink that would repersent binary female, and the tan stripe in the middle represents agender or a lack of gender. It's based off of the most common girlflux flag.

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