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    The masquegender flag

    Masquegender is a descriptor for any gender that feels disguised as another. For example, a masquegender person knows they are non-binary, however when asked what gender they are, they will say that they are female. The reason that someone disguises their gender could be for many reasons, including fear of personal safety, fear of judgement, self doubt, or many other things. Someone who is masquegender may combine the word 'masque' with the gender they are disguising as another, for example, masqueboy. It is different than illusogender, because illusogender is not always about disguising the gender they are, and masquegender individuals do not always feel a feeling of 'fakeness' about the gender they are.


    Masquegender was created by user BoatsAndBirds on January 14th 2021, and she created this page on January 15th 2021. The name was a suggestion from user Guns Før Hands. This gender descriptor was created to better describe BoatsAndBirds' experience.


    The flag for masquegender was also created by BoatsAndBirds. The blue is for disguised masculine genders, the green is for disguised abinary genders, and the pink is for disguised feminine genders. The grey and black on the top and bottom are for shadows hiding the three colors.

    Alternate Flag:

    Alt Masquegender flag

    The alternate flag is stripes of blue, yellow and pink hidden behind stripes of translucent grey. The blue represents masculine and masculine aligned genders, the yellow represents androgynous genders and the pink represents feminine and feminine aligned genders. The translucent greys show how the gender is not quite clear or a misdirection to the outside world, demonstrating the ambiguity of said persons gender identity when they have an idea of what it truly is.

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