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    The first Mariogender flag by @Atlas08958679 (with Mario)
    The first Mariogender flag by @Atlas08958679 (without Mario).
    The second Mariogender flag.
    An alternative to the second Mariogender flag with equal-sized stripes by Unfunny person420.
    A third alternative Mariogender flag by DespOIcito.

    Mariogender is a gamegender in which someone feels a strong connection to Mario or other Nintendo characters. This can include either strongly identifying with them or simply wanting to incorporate them into their gender to better understand their identity. It can also be considered a kingender. It was made with neurodivergent people in mind, specifically those with a Mario special interest or hyperfixation. However, anyone may identify as Mariogender.


    The term was apparently first coined Twitter user @Atlas08958679[1], but the account has since been deleted. As such, it is hard to tell when Mariogender was first created.

    The earliest mention of this gender was the 6th of September, 2020, in a deleted or private Instagram post. A screenshot of this Instagram post was submitted to the subreddit r/Cringender on the 7th of December, 2020 to mock the identity.[2]


    The first Mariogender flag was apparently created by Twitter user @Atlas08958679. It has no confirmed date or meaning, but was likely made at a similar time to the term. It was first seen in a private or deleted Instagram post on the 6th of September, 2020.

    The second Mariogender flag has no confirmed creator, meaning, or date. However, the colours used were likely to represent Mario. An alternative version of this flag was created by FANDOM user Unfunny person420 to make the stripes on the flag equal. This flag also has no confirmed meaning or date.

    A third flag was created by Miraheze user DespOIcito on or before the 27th of September, 2021.[3] The colours were chosen match the colours typically seen on Mario, with the Mario "M" logo in the centre.


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