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    Lovepunk flag
    Alternate lovepunk flag

    Lovepunk is a term referring to both an identity and an opposition to the societal norms surrounding the concept of love. Lovepunk rejects the norms surrounding gender, attraction, orientation, and relationships, while actively resisting aphobia (arophobia, acephobia, aplphobia, etc) and the oppression caused by defying these norms. One doesn’t have to be a-spec to be lovepunk. The term is open to anyone who feels that they defy societal norms surrounding the concept of love, either via intentional rebellion or simply by existing as their true self.

    Those who may identify as lovepunk include, but aren't limited to: aro-specs, ace-specs, apl-specs, loveless, lovequeer, polyamorous people, trans and non-binary people, queer people, neurodivergent people, disabled people, BIPOC, and anyone else who feels that their society’s standards for love were not made to include them and possibly were even used to dehumanise them.

    The concept of lovepunk is similar to genderpunk, but rejecting norms as they relate to love rather than to gender. However, lovepunk and genderpunk can share overlap, such as in resisting gender roles as necessary in relationships. Similar identities such as loveless and lovequeer could be considered subsets of lovepunk, but it shouldn't be assumed by default that any loveless or lovequeer person is also lovepunk. It could also be considered a subset of, or related to voidpunk, but specifically defying norms as they relate to loving the “correct” way that all humans are expected to.


    Lovepunk was coined by Tumblr user small-ass-mustelid on July 27th, 2021.[1]


    The lovepunk flag was designed on July 27th, 2021 by Tumblr user where-things-are-hollow in a Discord server, then was posted to Tumblr two days later.

    The green and purple stripes symbollize aros and aces. The yellow represents unity, friendship, and greyromanticism. The teal stripe is taken from the arospec flag, representing pride and self-acceptance. The circle is taken from the voidpunk flag and symbollizes a similar rejection/disconnection from societal norms. The white circle represents community, and the black stripe represents lack of attraction and the "lacking something", how rejecting love is often perceived.The stripes of the flag are vertical as a change to the norm for pride flags of horizontal stripes; another show of defiance to societal norms.[2]

    Another lovepunk flag was designed by Tumblr user itslinknotzeldan on July 29th, 2021.[3]


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