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    Inferiace (pronounced in-fear-de-ace) is a term on the asexual spectrum in which an individual is alright with most or all sexual interaction, so long as it is unrelated to their own genitals. Upon their own genitals being touched they may feel disgusted, turned off, and/or disinterested. This may also include buttocks, depending on the individual and their personal experience with this label.

    This does not mean, however, that they wouldn't touch their sexual partner's genitals or buttocks; just that they wish for their own genitals and/or buttocks to be left alone. This term is not a sexuality in of itself, but is rather a sexual modifier; for example, one may be disexual and inferiace.

    Some reasons why this may occur include, but are not limited to...

    • Sexual trauma
    • Medical-related issues
    • Dysphoria that is influenced or intensified by ones genitals
    • Sex repulsion (but only towards their own genitals)
    • Body dysmorphia

    The opposite of this is sumitace. A term that is similar to this, and includes distain towards the partners genitals as well, is pectussexual. Other similar terms is bottoace and geniace.


    This term was coined by Cryptocrew, specifically Angel, on May 6th of 2021.


    The name comes from the word inferius, which is Latin for 'below.'