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    The bottoace flag
    The bottoace flag

    Bottoace (pronounced bot-oh-ace) is a term on the asexual spectrum in which an individual is alright with most or all sexual interaction, so long as it is unrelated to their buttocks. Upon their buttocks being touched they may feel disgusted, turned off, and/or disinterested.

    This may also include their partner(s)'s buttocks, depending on the individual and their personal experience with this label. This term is not a sexuality in of itself, but is rather a sexual modifier; for example, one may be strayt and bottoace.

    Some reasons why this may occur include, but are not limited to...

    • Sexual trauma
    • Medical-related issues
    • Dysphoria that is influenced or intensified by buttocks
    • Sex repulsion (but only towards their own/their partner(s)'s buttocks.)
    • Body dysmorphia

    Similar terms include geniace, inferiace, and pectussexual.


    This term was coined by Cryptocrew, specifically Angel, on May 6th of 2021.


    The bottoace flag was made by Miraheze user Systeroamia, specifically their host, on February 10th, 2023. Black/dark gray symbolizes asexuals, gray represents all ace-spec individuals, white represents allosexuals, and the red circle with a sideways x over it on the left represents the rejection of sexual interaction with their buttocks and/or their partner(s)'s buttocks. It is not to be confused with the alternate breace flag. [1]



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