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    The idyllic attraction flag.

    Idyllic Attraction is a form of attraction in which one desires, fantasizes about, or wishing they were attracted to a certain gender despite not being attracted to that gender in real life. This also includes wishing or fantasizing about being attracted to a gender in a different way than one is in really life. (For example: fantasizing about being romantically attracted to a given gender despite only feeling platonic attraction to that gender in real life.) This may or may not overlap with one being buenosexual.

    Idyllic attraction can be similar to cupioromantic/cupiosexual and/or electio aroace. However it is different from electio aroace because someone can feel idyllic attraction while still feeling other forms of tertiary attraction. It's also different from cupioromantic/cupiosexual and electio aroace because idyllic attraction says nothing about one's real life actions or desires. One may or may not want to act on their idyllic attraction. Someone with idyllic attraction may fantasize about feeling a certain attraction, but recognizes that they do not want or can never have that sort of relationship in real life.

    Idyllic attraction can be combined with any other relevant sexuality terms. As an example, an aroace individual who fantasizes about being attracted to men and women could be bi-idyllic.


    Idyllic attraction was coined by Chaoticcylinder on August 14, 2020. The flag was designed at the same time. Yellow represents forms of emotional and physical attraction. Blue represents forms of mental attraction and other forms of attraction. White represents a lack of that attraction in reality. Additionally, blue can represent the real world and yellow can represent an idealized world. The white the connect between these two worlds.

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