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    Genderice Flag

    Genderice (pronounced gender-ice) is a microlabel of genderfluid that describes a gender where one's genders feel blocky and cold, separated within the genderfluid, like ice. One's gender is still genderfluid, and it changes, but the genders that one switches through feel hard and separated from each other. They feel static, but not that they don't change. The genders might change slower than usual in some people, might feel cold or hurt a little bit to be them, or might feel hard to access. Technically, not all genders experienced in genderice have to be genderice genders, but usually they all are.

    Genderice is also a term for xenogenders that feel cold, and blocky, like ice, or genders that relate to ice. A similar term is Glaciagender or Hielon, but is still noticeably different.


    Genderice is a gender inspired by the Ace's Lab comics from r/lgballt and r/aceslab. Genderice was a term technically coined by the creator of Ace's Lab, but was re-coined as a gender label by Webtoon user shortstacke in the comments section of Ace's Lab Chapter 6, on Webtoons.


    The Genderice flag was made by wiki user Adorable almond on Feb 18, 2021. The flag has three colors with two stripes surrounding a checkers-esque pattern. The first color is a dark teal and represents the ocean, or the 'fluid' part of genderfluid, it surrounds the checkers with two stripes. The second color is white, and represents ice, snow, and separation, it's one of the colors in the checkers. The final color is a very light blue, which represents coldness, freezing, temperature, and pain or numbness from the cold. The checkers pattern represents the blockiness that genderice genders might have, hardness, separation, and solidness. The stripes represent how genderice genders seem to be floating in genderfluidity, and the fluidness of both genderfluidity and genders that aren't genderice.

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