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    The genderfrith flag.
    An alternative genderfrith flag structured like the genderfluid flag. Created by exclusionist Twitter user strwbryfemme.

    Genderfrith is a form of genderfluidity in which someone is only fluid between genders that are in some way connected to masculinity or femininity. A genderfrith individual never experiences genders that are completely abinary (removed from masculinity or femininity). For example, a genderfrith individual could experience genders like man, woman, androgyne, demiboy/demigirl, proxvir/juxera, libramasculine/librafeminine, etc. They would never experience genders like neutrois, maverique, agender, etc. There's always at least a little bit of maleness and/or femaleness present.

    Variants of genderfrith include:


    Demifrith flag.

    Demifrith is a gender which is partially static and partially fluid. The fluid part of the gender fluctuates between identities which are connected to masculinity or femininity. The static part of the gender is undefined, and can be anything, so it varies from individual to individual.


    Genderfrith and its flag were made by Tumblr user Kalliepride on August 1, 2018[1]. The prefix "frith" is an uncommon word for peace. Another flag was created by user strbwryfemme. @strwbryfemme's flags should be used with caution as fawn has a history of exclusionism against m-spec lesbians. [2]

    The demifrith flag was created by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on February 13th, 2021.[3]